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2020 Schools Initiative


Dynamic Control Technologies is excited to announce our 2020 Energy Efficiency Initiative centered around making as big of an impact in Massachusetts public schools using VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) solutions as we can. We have come to realize the impact of rising energy costs on school’s resources available for enrichment programs and overall budgets. DCT is able to help through evaluating and providing for turn-key energy solutions for electric motor driven equipment and custom control projects. We handle all aspects of the project including completing the utility incentive applications and we are approved to accept the utility rebate directly. DCT has assisted hundreds of companies and schools by dramatically improving efficiency on their HVAC and other electric motor driven equipment. Most customers see a 30% reduction in energy usage on those systems. This year with our School Initiative Project DCT and our vendors are offering special pricing on school VFD solution projects.  In most cases after the available utility incentive the out of pocket cost is between 0 and 5%. To get started, please contact us to schedule your Dynamic Site Assessment. There is no cost for this walk-through.